Conception de médicaments : accès ouvert

Conception de médicaments : accès ouvert
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ISSN: 2169-0138

Objectif et portée

Journal of Conception de médicaments : Open access is an international open access journal publishing articles in the areas related to drug discovery, drug design by rational approach, target-based design, drug synthesis, drug metabolism, structure-based drug design, molecular modeling, ligand-based interaction, development of the generic drug, in silico chemo informatics and bioinformatics technologies, receptor agonist/antagonist, protease substrate/inhibitor, peptidomimetic, quality by design, design for reliability in drug development, design for traditional chinese medicine clinical trials, bayesian sequential design for multi-regional design, design and analysis for target clinical trials, design and analysis for diagnostic procedures, adaptive design for early clinical development, design for biosimilar studies, design for bioassay development and validation, design for statistical genetics, design for assessment of drug to drug interaction, design for bridging studies, design for stability analysis, etc.