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Journal d'horticulture
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Comparative Success of Budding and Grafting Citrus sinensis: Effect of Scion’s Number of Buds on Bud Take, Growth and Sturdiness of Seedlings

Kamanga RM, Chilembwe E and Chisanga K

A greenhouse study was conducted at the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) in Malawi to determine the effectiveness of budding and grafting of Citrus sinensis. The study aimed at establishing the effect of number of buds on scion wood on bud take and growth of seedlings. A total of 6 treatments were arranged in randomized complete block design with 3 replicates. Treatments were 1-bud budding and grafting with scion having 1-5 buds. Budding and grafting were conducted in June, 2014 and monitored for a period of 120 days. Data were analyzed using GenStat statistical package, 15th edition and R 3.4.1. Results revealed that grafting treatments had significantly higher bud takes on average while budding had the least bud take. Within grafted seedlings, number of buds had no significant effect on bud take and height. Similarly, number of buds did not affect sturdiness quotients of seedlings, of which all were within the recommended range. However, number of buds significantly affected shoot girth, number of leaves and number of branches. A significant linear relationship and positive correlation was found between number of branches and number of leaves. The study recommended that grafting should be adopted as an alternative propagation technique for sweet orange and must use scion wood with 3-4 buds for ideal bud take, growth and sturdiness quotients.