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Médecine interne: libre accès
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Yogic Nutrition

Prabhakaran M and Shashi Kumar S

Yoga is a tool for quieting the mind and training to stay focused and concentrated. Finding fitness by practicing yoga will improve flexibility, strength and relaxation, and bring balance in your life, body and mind. Yoga fitness will bring and maintain your health for your body. Yoga is for all. Nutrition and Yoga are natural companions on the journey to wellness. Nutrition recognizes that food is more than its nutritional components. The prana or life force which fortifies food can be enhanced through proper harvesting, storage and preparation. I incorporate a traditional energetic approach of food with the current nutritional wisdom to make a personalized program specifically suited to the individual’s needs and abilities. A Yogic eating regimen is an equalized eating methodology that aged Yogis accepted had a tremendous impact not just over our physical well-being, and yet over our considerations, and at last our zealous and profound well-being. This eating methodology can moreover be called lacto-vegan, which implies that it is made up of non-creature nourishments with the exemptions of dairy things and nectar. With proceeded mindfulness about the figure through yoga you might discover that veggie lover sustenance’s get a common decision. It can additionally help you keep up the same energized, light feeling that is realized through yoga. Moreover, provided that you are going a more otherworldly way you might choose that your fondness for each living being exceeds your necessity for creature sustenance’s. Non-creature sustenance’s can help you achieve a more elevated amount of most profound sense of being by producing positive life. You don't have to be a `Yogi` to create this eating regimen in your life, only a longing to exist healthier and more joyful. It can be concluded that yogic nutrition is the basic need for betterment of yogic performance. This also helps us to stay focused and concentrated. The paper is highlighting the profits of yogic nutrition for arriving at best level of physical wellbeing of a single person. The human form needs sound connection to nature and its instinctive cures which are ready in our encompassment in this seminar I attempted to highlight the necessity of yogic sustenance for human being to be in physically wellbeing.