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Xenografts and Genomic in Cancer Research from Invertebrates to Vertebrates with the Sea Star as a Model of Study

Michel Leclerc*

We performed in 1975, the first heterotransplantation of invertebrate A.O in nude mouse, then a double heterotransplantation of human tumor and axial organ next to this last one, always in nude mouse: The human tumor was rejected in 50% of observed cases. Some years later, we found that A.O cells exerted an induced and spontaneous cytotoxicity against SP2 and MBL2 mouse tumoral cells. Recently, we discovered a sea star Igkappa gene with immune properties. This gene was first, inserted in a CMV (cytomegalovirus) and finally in a plasmid called «young» plasmid second, in HeK human cells to produce the specific protein. The induced «young» protein exerted a spontaneous cytotoxicity against osteosarcom cells (U2oS cells) against A-375 melanome cells and Hela cells.