Journal international de médecine physique et de réadaptation

Journal international de médecine physique et de réadaptation
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ISSN: 2329-9096


Vocational Rehabilitation in Italy, Potential and Limits

Paola Perini, Gabriele Rossi, Alessandra Testa, Alessandro Giustini and Laura Tosi

The rehabilitation of aspects concerning the return to work is described in the literature as “Vocational Rehabilitation”. This focus on the return to productive activities is early considered/ is early taken into account in most of the American and Anglo-Saxon rehabilitation models as an essential element to complete the return to the possible autonomy of the person. The concept has expanded with the extension also to “vocational” activities for the person, although not necessarily productive. In Italy there are few centers that deal with Vocational Rehabilitation sistematically. This article aims to examine the concept of Vocational Rehabilitation and to place it as a necessity and urgency in the Italian rehabilitation paths. Italian legislation would allow routes that today are rare but necessary in the last part of the GCA’s rehabilitation process.