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Pédiatrie et thérapeutique
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ISSN: 2161-0665


Unusual Presentations in Pediatric HIV: Case Series

Isaac Oludare Oluwayemi, Ezra Olatunde Ogundare, Oyeku Akibu Oyelami, Adebukola Bidemi Ajite and Simeon Oladele Olatunya

We report two children on treatment for HIV disease who presented differently with difficulty in breathing and on further investigation were found to have lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia (LIP) and rheumatic heart disease respectively. The first patient’s diagnosis was made with chest x-ray features suggestive of LIP and she was commenced on low dose steroid in addition to antiretroviral therapy. Her condition improved marginally before she died at home one month after. The second patient was initially thought to have pneumonia in heart failure, but when CXR showed an enlarged globular heart a suspicion of pericardial effusion was entertained. This necessitated Echocardiography which confirmed diagnosis of rheumatic heart disease (severe mitral valve regurgitation) with moderate pulmonary hypertension and moderate pericardial effusion. She also died at home. These cases are being reported to highlight the importance of thorough evaluation of HIV positive patients for other co-morbidities and the negative impact of poverty on their survival.