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Journal de géologie et géophysique
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Towed Transient Electromagnetic Method (tTEM) in Geological Mapping

Vaibhav Gupta

In these recent times detailed investigation of top 30-50 meters of subsurface is needed for infrastructure, water supply, farming, waste deposits, construction, aquifer storage and recovery. Currently available geological methods are capable of imaging this subsurface zone. The towed Transient Electro Magnetic Method (tTEM) method is a ground based, transient electromagnetic system; it is designed for detailed 3D geological and geophysical mapping of shallow subsurface in range of 0 m 80 m at a high resolution, horizontally and vertically. This is a fast and cost efficient way in geological mapping. The detailed 3D data is obtained by the process of fast data repetition and it is done by giving small line spacing of 10-20 meters [1]. The mapping operation with this system has quickly to place and the whole operation is can be performed by two persons of field crew.