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Journal international de médecine physique et de réadaptation
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The Relationship between Spasticity and Lower Extremity Strength with Functional Mobility Following Chronic Stroke

Maryam Fayazi, Shohreh Noorizadeh Dehkordi, Mehdi Dadgoo and Masoud Salehi

Background: Spasticity and muscle weakness are the primary impairments that result in activity limitation after stroke. Functional mobility is the ability to transfer independently from one place to another that depends on the extent of impairments affecting body function. The knowledge of relationship between the physical consequences of stroke and functional limitation helps therapist to implement the most effective rehabilitation approach to improve mobility. Objective: The purpose of this study was to clinically assess the relationship between spasticity and lower extremity strength with functional mobility in hemi paretic stroke subjects. Methods: In this cross sectional analytical study using a convenience sampling, 30 (18 men, 12 women) participants with post stroke duration of 3-24 months participated. Spasticity of knee extensor and ankle plantar flexors was evaluated with Modified Tardieu scale. Lower extremity strength was measured with Motricity Index. Functional mobility was assessed by the Rivermead mobility index, Timed Up and Go test, 6 Min Walk Test and 10- Meter Walk Test. For analysis of data the Pearson correlation coefficient was used. Results: The results showed that there was no statistical significant relationship between the lower extremity spasticity and all functional mobility variables. The lower extremity strength and functional mobility variables were significantly correlated (p<0.05, r>0.70). Conclusion: It seemed that lower extremity spasticity was not correlated to functional mobility after stroke. The rehabilitation for decreasing lower extremity spasticity would not be functionally efficient. There should be increased focus on rehabilitation of lower extremity strength in order to enhance functional mobility.