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Gynécologie & Obstétrique
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The Gynecological Surgery of Jehovah´s Witnesses

Milan Kudela, Petr Dzvincuk, Radim Marek, Karel Huml, Pavel Hejtmanek and Radovan Pilka

Objective: To present our experience with the surgical treatment of various diseases in patients belonging to the Church of Jehovah´s witnesses.

Methods: The study included 34 patients belonging to the Church of Jehovah´s witnesses who rejected blood transfusion. The operations on these patients were performed for malignant and benign disorders that could not be treated by conservative therapeutic procedures.

Results: The operation records were evaluated according to a set of criteria including the type of surgical procedure estimated amount of blood loss, postoperative complications and the outcome of surgical treatment. The lest amount blood loss was secured by the robotic surgery.

Conclusion: Jehovah´s witnesses represent a risk group of patients because of their refusal of blood transfusion. Indication for the operation and its performance represent serious decision steps that are always associated with a certain degrese of risk. However when the principles of bloodless surgery are followed the therapeutic results are very good and in the properly indicated cases the scope of risk is acceptable.