Avancées en éthique médicale

Avancées en éthique médicale
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ISSN: 2385-5495


The ethics of pediatric resuscitation in public schools

Alexandra Perry

Discussions of end-of-life care and policy are often centered on aging populations or adults with terminal illnesses, but rarely do they discuss such issues as school attendance and special education policy. Public school policies regarding the attendance of children with life-shortening illnesses are often ambiguous, and the rights of children with do not attempt resuscitation (DNAR) orders in place are rarely clear. The literature surrounding DNAR policies in public schools is alarmingly sparse. This article discusses these and state policies and argues that DNAR policies are outside of the bounds of school policy. Further, I claim that common assessments of children’s rights are insufficient for considering the rights of children with terminal illnesses because of their emphasis on the future.