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Journal des sciences agricoles et de la recherche alimentaire
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The Cause of Land Use Change and Effect of the Change on Crop Yield in Case of Azezo Tekle Haymanot Kebele

Melese Worku and Setechigne Deribew

This research was conducted in Amhara region located in the Gondar town specifically in Azezo Tekle Haymanot Kebele. The objective of the research to assess the cause of land use change and it effect of the change on crop yield. The research to collect both primary and secondary data was collected from sampling house hold. Household survey, field observation, questionnaire survey, and focus group discussion were used for primary data collection within 80 households were selected as sample household for interview based on simple random sampling. Secondary data were gathered from governmental organization, libraries, journals, and internet etc. A household sample was obtained using a simple random sampling technique; Information gather by interviews were conducted with community representatives, distract experts and development agents who worked in the community of Azezo Tekle Haymanot Kebele. The collected data were analyzed by using frequency, percentage, were used to analyze simple tables while to interpreting the result. The result shows that major 70.89% of in Azezo Tekle Haymanot Kebele land usage changed by infrastructure development and 13.92% of the cause of land usage changed by urban settlement expansion, 11.66% of land usage changed by building. In study area the declining agriculture productivity is due to above mentioned factors. Generally, in total farm land from the year 2002-2006 there is reduction land under farming, of 205 hectares in Azezo Tekle Haymanot Kebele farm land for infrastructure development, urban development like settlement explanation with a rate of change of 912 ha to reduced 825 ha per 4-year data. On the other hand, farm land cover reduced from 88 ha with a rate of land change. However, between urban expansion and agricultural land use change it effect on agricultural productivity of land scarcity or shortage and the community to give compensation money to change start off-farm opportunities.