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Journal international des progrès technologiques
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The Attitude of High School Students in Kuwait towards Internet Addiction and Its Effect on their Health

Dr. Manal Yousuf Alduaij* and Dr. Hanaa Al-Amari

The Internet is a new technology that has affected the world; it provided many benefits to its users. At the same time, many people are becoming addicted to Internet and unable to control their use, especially high school students, and this is affecting their health, education and relationships. The aim of this study is to diagnose the attitude of high school students in Kuwait towards internet, and the effect of Internet addiction on their health. Results demonstrated that a high percentage of high school students encounter the problem of Internet addiction. Most of them show traumatic stress, and community violence. They admit that health education is very important in teaching strategies that help them to overcome difficulties and learn healthy ways of using the Internet. In addition, a high percentage agreed that Internet addiction affected their health, it caused mental health problems, it resulted severe headaches and vision problems, and have negative effects on their physical, mental, psychological development and overall health.