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Journal d'océanographie et de recherche marine
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Testing a Combination of Hard and Soft Measures to Enhance the Stability of Rosetta Outlet

Ali Masria, Khaled Abdelaziz and Abdelazim Negm

This paper is an extension of the different tested alternatives of coastal protection measures aims to reach a stability condition around Rosetta promontory, Egypt. Rosetta inlet suffers from coastal problems represented in shoreline erosion, and siltation inside the inlet. Rosetta Promontory was created by sediment transported along the Nile River and delivered to the coast by the Rosetta branch. Following a long period of accretion, the promontory began to erode in the mid-1900’s, particularly, after building the Aswan high Dam in 1964 that detained the sediments and the water behind resulting in such problems. This study investigates different alternatives of hard and soft measures attempting to find an optimal solution for these problems (erosion, and accretion) to enhance the stability of the promontory. The simulation of the study area was carried out using a 2D dimensional model (Coastal modeling system). This model was calibrated and validated using different data collected from: Coastal Research Institute (CoRI), Coastal protection authority, Hydraulic Research Institute (HRI), and Nile Research Institute (NRI). The different scenarios have been simulated, and compared based on the morphological changes, wave characteristics, construction cost, and environmental effect.