Journal d'ophtalmologie clinique et expérimentale

Journal d'ophtalmologie clinique et expérimentale
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ISSN: 2155-9570


Telecanthus as a Presenting Sign of a Fronto-Ethmoidal Mucocele in an Eleven Year-Old

Gupta Chirag, Nieto Jose, Servat J. Javier, Gladstone and Geoffrey J

An eleven year-old girl with no prior history of trauma, sinusitis, or cystic fibrosis presented with an isolated sign of recent onset telecanthus, which was not present in photographs from two years prior. Orbital CT-scan showed a fronto-ethmoidal mucocele. The patient was referred to an ear, nose and throat surgeon, who performed an endoscopic drainage and marsupialization of the mucocele. Although mucoceles most commonly present in adults with proptosis, headache, diplopia, globe displacement, and/or epiphora, this case illustrates that it may also uncommonly present in the pediatric population as telecanthus.