Journal d'hépatologie et des troubles gastro-intestinaux

Journal d'hépatologie et des troubles gastro-intestinaux
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Surgical Treatment of a Perianal Paget's Disease: A Case Report and Short Review of the Literature

Nardi W, Daneri D, Quildrian S, Uriburu JCP and Ruiz H

Extra-mammary Paget's disease (EMPD) is a rare and slow progressive skin lesion located in the perineum, perianal region, groin, scrotum or vulva. Perianal Paget may be associated with synchronous or metachronous visceral malignancies which makes necessary a complete study of the patient. Clinical presentation varies and there has been proposed many types of treatments. This article presents a 71-year-old man with no medical history of relevance referred to our department with a perianal lesion that was diagnosed afterwards as a Perianal Paget Disease. Surgical excision was performed. The patient underwent uneventful recovery and the long term follow up is asymptomatic so far.