Troubles pancréatiques et thérapie

Troubles pancréatiques et thérapie
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ISSN: 2165-7092


Sometimes the Simplest Solution is the Best One: Unconventional Resolution of a Food Impaction

Amin Elfituri*, Iren Ortiz, Faisal Bukeirat

The most common type of esophageal impaction is those which are caused by ingested food. These impactions can pass spontaneously, or when it’s necessary by the use of endoscopic intervention(s). Another alternative when endoscopy fails in intravenous administration of glucagon, which has a varying level of success. We present a case that demonstrates that not all food impactions behave the same, and that medical technology/sophistication is not always the answer. In our scenario, upper endoscopy was the procedure of choice to remove an impacted fish bone, but this was ended up being ineffective.