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Skin Metastases to Cesarean Scar at Diagnosis of Carcinoma of Cervix in a Postpartum Female

Brittany A Davidson, Christa I Nagel and Debra L Richardson

Objective: The authors describe the first report of a cesarean scar metastasis at time of diagnosis of cervical cancer in a postpartum female.

Results: We describe the case of a 23 year old multiparous female who is diagnosed with stage IVB cervical cancer 5 months after an emergent cesarean delivery for preterm premature rupture of membranes. At time of diagnosis, she presented with a large cutaneous metastasis at the site of her Pfannenstiel incision. She completed a course of radiation and chemotherapy, however opted for hospice when disease progression was noted after 6 cycles of cisplatin and paclitaxel.

Conclusion: The patient’s disease was likely present at the time of her cesarean section. We recommend thorough pelvic exams in women who present late in pregnancy without prior prenatal care. Though cesarean section is thought to decrease the likelihood of cervical cancer recurrence, it does not completely obviate the risk.