Journal de géologie et géophysique

Journal de géologie et géophysique
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ISSN: 2381-8719


Seismic Risk Zones and Faults Characterization using Geophysical Data

Mahmoud Mohamed Mekkawi, El Sayed A Fergani and Klaled A Abdella

Understanding and imaging the real seismo-tectonic of SW-Cairo zone are essential to eliminate the risk of this hazardous seismic zone which is surrounded by the highest condense population province in Egypt. In this study, up to date earthquake catalogue and aeromagnetic data of the area under study were analyzed for tracing active subsurface faults that are responsible of earthquakes activity. Using 2D-power spectrum techniques, depth of structures (faults) was estimated and a shallow intrusion was detected at 550 m. The tectonic framework of SW-Cairo was evaluated and discussed in view of seismicity, surface geology, subsurface structures from RTP maps and boreholes information and the active faults were traced at shallow and deep depths.