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Journal des pêches et de l'aquaculture
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Review on the Analysis and Application of Blue Economy in Indonesia

Fauzan Syaiful Alim

Indonesia is a country that has very abundant maritime resources that can improve the country's economy. However, this will be a boomerang for Indonesia if it is not accompanied by sustainable resource management. These resources will be exhausted and lost if they are continuously utilized without good management. Blue economy is a concept model of optimizing resources in the waters by utilizing environmentally sound which aims to increase economic growth through various creative and innovative activities. The purpose of this paper is to review the application of the blue economy in Indonesia both in terms of advantages and disadvantages. In supporting blue economy activities, the Indonesian government has implemented four strategies, including improving marine and coastal management systems, because it regulates mangrove restoration, marine spatial planning, and fishing limits. The shift to the blue economy is also expected to be a model for the development of a sustainable marine-based industry and will certainly reduce economic dependence on the extractive sector.