Journal de toxicologie clinique

Journal de toxicologie clinique
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Reversal of Severe Methanol Induced Visual Impairment Due to Prompt Hemodialysis

Ohad Gabay, Aviv Talmon, Erez Tsumi and Carmi Bartal

We report a case series of recovery from severe visual impairment due to methanol intoxication following treatment with fomepizol and prompt hemodialysis. Three adult males presented to our hospital few hours after unintended methanol intoxication. All patients reported weakness and dizziness, two of them suffered visual impairment with visual acuity loss and one of them presented complete blindness and unresponsive dilated pupils. Fundoscopy examination revealed edema of the disk margin. Their laboratory findings included severe high anion gap metabolic acidosis with elevated osmolar gap and methanol levels.

All three patients were treated with fomepizole, folic acid IV, and 2-3 sessions of hemodialysis four hours each. The first session of dialysis was performed about 16 h after the methanol ingestion. They all exhibited a full recovery including the patient with the blindness who reported normal vision 20/20 with normal fundoscopic examination on discharge at the fifth day of hospitalization.

This case report confirms the effectiveness of the combined treatment based on early dialysis with fomepizol in reversing the retinal impairment in methanol intoxication. The reversibility of retinal end organ damage demonstrated here raises doubts about the common thought regarding the poor outcome of methanol induced retinal end organ damage.