Journal des méthodes de diagnostic médical

Journal des méthodes de diagnostic médical
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ISSN: 2168-9784


Quality Rapid Diagnostic Laboratory Test: A Way for Curving COVID-19 Global Inferno

Abay S. Misganaw, Abrham T. Bika, Adey F. Desta

Novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), is caused by a virus that belongs to coronaviridae family and have a severe respiratory disease, first reported in December 2019 from Wuhan China and became global public health emergency with high escalation rate throughout the world and insidious global threat. Within short period of time it reached all over the world as a global inferno. Hence, in order to curve the pandemic, quality assured laboratory with good networking diagnostic capacities have an indispensable role. Governments and stakeholders should invest in it, especially availing rapid diagnostic tests to manage this global crisis proactively. We have to stop this global menace. Even though there was lots of information. Indeed, still there are increasing demands for quality rapid diagnostics for the novel pathogen to control. Thus, considering the paucity of diagnostic based data on COVID-19, this is to bridge information gaps.