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Psychological Problems in Breast Cancer Patients: A Review

Anila Ambar Malik and Tayyeba Kiran

Introduction: Breast cancer is not only the second most prevalent type of cancer but also most frequent cause of cancer deaths in women. Psychological problems like depression, anxiety, poor self image and use of unhealthy coping strategies affect quality of life of breast cancer patient. This article sought to review the available evidence regarding psychological problems in patients with breast cancer. Method: Literature was searched by using Google scholar database and articles from last 10 years, meeting inclusion criteria of this article were reviewed. Review of 36 articles was included. Results: For prevalence of depression and anxiety, 17 articles were review showing high prevalence of depression as well as anxiety in breast cancer patients. Poor self image was found in patients receiving any type of treatment for breast cancer. Avoidance coping was commonly used by most of patients with breast cancer. Poor quality of life has been highlighted by several studies and association was found between poor quality of life and depression in breast cancer patients. Conclusion: Majority of the studies reported high prevalence of depression and anxiety in breast cancer patients. Use of poor coping strategies is common in breast cancer patients at all stages even after treatment. Poor self image and quality of life is associated with all types of treatments.