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Prognostic Factors of Pregnancy and Childbirth in Adolescents at the Borgou Regional University Teaching Hospital in Parakou (Benin)

Obossou AAA, Salifou K, Sidi IR, Hounkponou AF, Hounkpatin BIB, Tshabu Aguemon C, Houndeffo T, Vodouhe M, Mere Gode WST and Perrin RX

Objective: Identify the prognostic factors of pregnancyand childbirth in adolescents at Regional University Teaching Hospital (CHDU) Borgou.

Method: We conducted a cross-sectional study with descriptive and analytical purpose which make a prospective comparison of 110 adolescent primiparous (14-19 years) with 220 control primiparous (20-34 years). The study was carried out from March 1 to August 31, 2014 at the Borgou Regional University Teaching Hospital.

Results: Childbirth prevalence in adolescents was 11.2%. After comparative analysis, pregnancy prognostic factors in the adolescent were poor pregnancy monitoring, hospitalization during pregnancy for malaria and anemia. During childbirth, the prognostic factors were fever, episiotomy, perineal lacerations, artificial labor and long postpartum hospitalization. As regards newborns, low birth weight, transfer to neonatal care unit and perinatal deaths were the prognostic factors associated with childbirth in adolescents at CHUD-B/A in Parakou in 2014.

Conclusion: In the adolescent living in Parakou pregnancy is common and seems to occur with high risk. It is therefore necessary to promote efficient antenatal follow-up and good quality childbirth for pregnant adolescents.