Journal de pathologie médicale et chirurgicale

Journal de pathologie médicale et chirurgicale
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ISSN: 2472-4971


Penetrating Neck Trauma in Children Causing Complex Digestive Tract Injury: A Case Report

Soran Esmail, Aras Anwar, Rozh Kamal

Introduction: Pediatric traumatic esophageal perforation has high morbidity and mortality rates. It is most commonly iatrogenic in nature with penetrating trauma account for only 0.5% of cases. Case report: We report a case of pediatric penetrating trauma to the neck zone two causing both through and through cervical esophageal injury and laceration of the posterior wall of the trachea. A 6-year-old boy suffering from penetrating neck trauma due to blast explosion presented to us with severe respiratory distress and drooling of saliva. Diagnostic workup revealed both tracheal and esophageal injury. Immediate primary repair was done for both organs. Postoperatively, he developed ARDS which treated conservatively with good outcome.
Conclusion: High index of suspicion is always required not to miss any injuries especially esophageal injuries, bearing in mind whenever you have one injury searching for others is rationale.