Recherche sur le vieillissement en bonne santé

Recherche sur le vieillissement en bonne santé
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ISSN: 2261-7434


Organ shortage an everlasting social health crisis

Felix Cantrovich

Organ shortage constitutes a permanent unmodifiable public health crisis. An increasing number of patients are unjustly dying each year while waiting for a donated organ from Society. People’s feelings towards donation have remained inadequate over the years. Analysing the causes of this urgent health crisis, it is rational to consider as one responsible for this dilemma, that education social programmes on organ donation, permanently structured under the slogan “Donation is a gift of life”, have not been successful in changing people’s conduct towards organ donation. Fear of death, mutilation, distrust of medical teams, and religious uncertainty, nowadays suggested as main barriers to donation, have never been considered in educational methodologies. People’s acknowledgement of slogans such as “Throughout our lives we are potential receptor of a transplant”; “Our body after death is a source of health”, ”Organ donation is to share life”, might be able to improve people’s behavior toward donation. As wel, current surveys showed a medical and nursing insufficient training on this subject during their university studies. The persistence of this serious health problem, that globally largely depends on people’s behavior, mainly because of ignorance of what today means organ donation for their own welfare, urgently it requires an deeply analyzed action to review what has been done so far to overcome this serious social crisis, by responsible for Health and Education of different States, including the World Health Organization (WHO). Rational education programmes, at all social levels, including medical teams and young people from primary school to universities, could eliminating negative’s behavior towards organ donation, challenging society’s feelings, and offering to thousands of patients not to suffer organ shortage crisis, a practical euthanasia by society against itself.