Journal international d'exploration de données biomédicales

Journal international d'exploration de données biomédicales
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NVIDIA research: Pushing AI forwards

Leif Nordlund

Self-driving cars is currently a hot research topic. Deep learning revolutionized computer vision and is behind the rapid progress in the field of autonomous vehicles. NVIDIA is a key player in the area of self-driving cars and provides both hardware (NVIDIA DRIVE) and software platforms (DriveWorks) as support for the development of autonomous vehicles. NVIDIA GPUs also allow training deep neural networks significantly faster compared to any other means. Cars are expected to become computer on wheels as reaching full autonomy (e.g. Level-5) will require significant unprecedented amount of computing power in a vehicle. At NVIDIA Helsinki, our deep learning engineers – as part of our global R&D effort on autonomous vehicles – focus on obstacle perception for self-driving cars. R&D ranges from object detection, lane detection, free-space segmentation and depth estimation, based on multiple sensors such e.g. as cameras and Lidar.