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Médecine interne: libre accès
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ISSN: 2165-8048


Novel Biomarkers in Prediction of Heart Failure Related Outcomes: From Bench to Bedside

Berezin AE

Heart failure (HF) remains a global burden for patients with established cardiovascular (CV) disease. It has been postulated that underlying mechanisms of nature evolution of HF might be identified by measurement of some biomarker reflected various pathophysiological stages of cardiac dysfunction. In this way, cardiac biomarkers affected biomechanical stress, cardiac injury, fluid overload, inflammatory reaction, may be useful for prediction of development, progression, and prognosis of HF. The short communication is depicted to discussion around perspectives to use in routine HF clinical practice new biomarkers, i.e. procalcitonin, copeptin, heart-type fatty acidbinding protein; growth differentiation factor 15. It has concluded that these biomarkers are needed to be investigated in details, while there is suggestion that multiple biomarker models would be better in prediction HF evolution and outcomes than even single brand new biomarker.