Journal international des progrès technologiques

Journal international des progrès technologiques
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ISSN: 0976-4860


Next Generation High Speed Computing Using System-on-Chip (SoC) Technology

Qurat-ul-Ain Malik and M. Aqeel Iqbal

System on chip is the most modern form of technology being under use and further research for the high speed applications. This technology has nominated a large number of different research areas which would lead the existing technology towards the one of the most widely used computing technology. This technology has raised many emerging issues and has announced big challenges for the researchers and engineers. They are result of microprocessors, memories, buses systems, communications systems, standards, protocol processors, interfaces and other intellectual property components. Alternatively, a SoC product is designed with the concept of embedded system that is capable of being implemented on a single chip, thereby producing a system which can be placed in any environment which is smaller, faster and more efficient system. In this research paper a most comprehensive survey report of existing SoC technology and its underlying issues has been presented. The paper raises a large number of technical aspects at hardware level as well as software level which should be investigated for further exploration of the technology to demonstrate a high speed performance gain.