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New Natural Medium Using Vitis vinirfera for Siderophore Production from Clinical Isolates of Klebsiella pneumonia

Neihaya H. Zaki, Ali H. Alwan and Sura M. Abas

Culture media used for isolation and identification of bacteria according to their biochemical and physiological properties, and this new media is cheap and available for use and could be a useful for study the virulence of bacteria and siderophore production. This study included isolation of 50 isolates of K. pneumoniae from different clinical sources from different hospitals in Baghdad city. The number and percentage of isolates according to the sources (urine, blood, sputum, burns, ear swabs, pus, wounds and stool) were 22(44%), 11(22%), 4(8%), 4(8%), 3(6%), 3(6%), 2(4%) and 1(2%) respectively. About 72% (36/50) were indicate as virulence isolates, and 60% (30/50) of isolates produce siderophores on M9 medium, while 70% (35/50) of isolates that produce siderophores when grown on new media. This study aimed to prepare a new natural medium using Vitis vinirfera, and determines the ability of Klebseilla pneumoniae to produce siderophore on it, and relationship between siderophore production and virulence isolates of K. pneumoniae.