Entomologie, ornithologie et herpétologie : recherches en cours

Entomologie, ornithologie et herpétologie : recherches en cours
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ISSN: 2161-0983


Net Entanglement in Indian Rock Python Python molurus (Linnaeus 1758), Checkered Keelback Fowlea piscator (Schneider 1799), Common Sandboa Eryx conicus (Schneider 1801), Ratsnake Ptyas mucosa (Linnaeus 1758), Russel’s Viper Daboia russelii (Shaw 1797) and Spectacled Cobra Naja naja from Gujarat, India

Aadit Patel1, Aurobindo Samal2, Shreya Pandey2*

Net entanglement in derelict fishing nets is a major threat to the conservation of endangered species of cetaceans, birds and reptiles. Nets made of nylon and plastics are non degradable and are a major source of risk to many species whether aquatic or terrestrial which often get trapped and killed which continue to be present in the environment even when not in use. Lack of awareness and careless handling of these fishing gears by fishermen poses serious damaging impact on the biodiversity and ecological health of the habitat.