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Médecine interne: libre accès
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ISSN: 2165-8048


Neonatal Plumbism Secondary to Maternal Chronic Lead Poisoning and PICA: A Case Report

Karen Estrine DO

Plumbism, (lead toxicity), has gained increasing attention secondary to its ubiquitous distribution in the
environment and its potentially serious medical complications, particularly in children. Although the incidence of lead poisoning has decreased since the 1970’s, it is estimated that 310,000 children in the United States are at risk for exposure to harmful lead levels. As lead easily crosses the placenta, fetuses are readily susceptible to lead intoxication from maternal lead exposure. A case of neonatal plumbism secondary to maternal chronic lead toxicity is presented herein. Upon delivery of the infant, the infant was noted to have secondary lead toxicity from its mother- evident from blood lead levels as well as clinically. The infant was treated for its lead poisoning.