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Sciences de la volaille, de la pêche et de la faune
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Muscle Post-Mortem Proteolysis and Meat Tenderization: Lessons from Myostatin-Deficient Skeletal Muscle

Anne Bonnieu, Barbara Vernus, Benedicte Goustard, Christelle Koechlin-Ramonatxo, Beatrice Chabi

Identifying the mechanisms that regulate post-mortem proteolysis in skeletal muscle is of economic and environmental importance because it is a crucial process during meat conversion and tenderization. Among the catabolic systems discussed, the calpain proteolytic system has received much attention. In addition, the muscle of cattle with double musculature, bearing natural deletions or mutations in the Myostatin gene, is more tender providing an interesting agro-ecologic way to answer both to reduction of livestock and enhanced quality. In this context, the study of the contribution of the calpain proteolytic system during post-mortem proteolysis, using the model of myostatin knock-out mice, brings new answers and poses current reflections, as discussed in this article.