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Pédiatrie et thérapeutique
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Multi-Particulate Dosage Forms for Pediatric Use

María Esther Martínez-Terán, Thanh Huong Hoang-Thi and Marie-Pierre Flament

In recent years, regulations on pediatric medicines have induced an increased need for research into novel child appropriate dosage forms. Indeed, children cannot be considered as « small adults » as they present different anatomical and physiological characteristics. Whatever the route of administration, the age-appropriateness of the formulation is of major importance and has to be taken into consideration. The development of new pediatric dosage forms encounters technical complexities such as dose modification, ease of administration/swallowing, tastemasking, chemical and physical stability, preservation, considerations of a multi-phase and/or multi-use product, packing, providing/designing the measuring device. Innovations are important and the research of new ways to deliver medicines tends to improve compliance, convenience and pharmacokinetic. Recently, the World Human Organization recommended that small sized solid forms or orally disintegrating solid forms should be favored. Solid multi-particulate systems such as pellets have the advantage to cover a broad range of doses for different patients. Dose adjustment can be accurately done by means of dosing device such as a multi-particulate counting device. Developing multi-particulate dosage form with fast disintegration can be useful for children as they present both advantages of solid and liquid formulations. This led to the concept of Orally Disintegrating Tablet which disintegrates rapidly in the mouth into small particles or pellets. Their small size enables them to be well distributed along the gastrointestinal tract improving the bioavailability while reducing local drug concentration, risk of toxicity and side effects. They offer easy swallowing and dose flexibility for pediatric patients and caregivers. The promising results of our fast disintegrating pellets used in multi-particulate dosage forms indicate that they might be the base of a solid platform technology for pediatric medicines.