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Recherche sur le vieillissement en bonne santé
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Liposculpture under local anesthesia: 21 years experience

Luis Ayala

Iorgio Fisher from Italy was the 1st surgeon to perform localized fat removal in 1974. Drs Illuoz and Fournier from France started modern liposuction in 1978. Dr Klein from USA changed history with his tumescent solution in 1985. In 1996 I started performing Liposculpture under local anesthesia to avoid risks related to general anesthesia. I have done 13181 cases since then. Before surgery patients get blood tests , garment, pictures are taken, BMI, consents. Day of surgery: in Miami and Caracas patients received oral sedation (midazolam syrup) In Dubai I use I/V sedation (midazolam) Infiltration solution that I use is in 1 liter of saline .9= 20cc of lidocaine 2% ( 400mg), 10cc Sodium Bicarbonate 8.4% (84mg), 1cc of adrenaline. I use what I call “safe zone” with this formula: weight (Kg) X 55mg/Kg/400= Liters to infiltrate for example is patient weighs 80kg it will be 80 x 55=4400mg of lidocaine max dose if each liter has 400 mg of lidocaine this patient can receive up to 11 liters The most frequent area is abdomen, waist, flanks, upper back (88%), Thighs arms neck knees (10%), others (2%) Fat transfer has increased from 15% (1996-2006) to 85% (2006- 2017). Most popular area to transfer fat= Buttocks (83%), Face (12%), Hands (4%). Complications Major were none, wound infection 0.03%, hypercromia .02%, seroma .0075%.