Anatomie et physiologie : recherches en cours

Anatomie et physiologie : recherches en cours
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Intraoperative Hemorrhage in a Dangerous Placenta Previa Patient-A Case Report

Zhou Y, Zhang H, Li C and Wang Q

Dangerous placenta previa refers to somebody has a history of cesarean section while this pregnancy was placenta previa with the placenta attached to the original scar. The placenta can be adhered to the surface of the uterus, invasion into myometrium or completely penetrate the muscle and tissues in these placenta previa patients. It happens in these persons like older maternal ages (over 35 years), the frequency of pregnancy, history of previous cesarean section and so on [1-6]. Placenta implantation is a kind of serious complications of placenta which is mainly caused by placental villi penetrating into the myometrium. Now we would talk about our treatment of a dangerous placenta previa patient with intraoperative hemorrhage which could provide a reference in this kind of case.