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ISSN: 2471-9315


Integration of Molecular Methods into Microbiological Diagnostics

Ousman Bajinka and Ousman Secka

Conventional microbiological methods take a long time to complete and sometimes accuracy can be compromised due to varying levels of expertise in the laboratory. Thus, molecular methods are highly needed to accomplish this mission. Apart from the specificity and sensitivity, molecular methods confer accuracy, precision, reproductive among others.

This review points out the respective needs for molecular techniques in diagnostic laboratories. Various convincing points were elaborated including; the short turnaround time, minimization of nosocomial infections (transmission within the community and health care system), the economic cost involved in-patient treatment, the sensitivity, reliability and the accurate diagnosis of infectious diseases.

The benefits that epidemiological studies draw from molecular techniques need to be implemented in developing nations, the big hopes, some limitations and recommendations of the use molecular methods in microbiological diagnostics are discussed.