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Médecine interne: libre accès
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ISSN: 2165-8048


Influence of an Educational Manual “Code Status” Choice Among Hospitalized Patients

Gabriel M Aisenberg and John M Halphen

Purpose: This prospective study aimed to evaluate the impact of an informational manual on patient choice of code status when presented with a hypothetical imminent death scenario. Methods: One hundred adult patients completed a survey to assess their general familiarity with end-of-life and code status issues. Then, they read a manual designed to deliver information about end of life issues. A post-reading survey assessed pre and post-reading “code status” choice in a hypothetical scenario involving the participants’ own imminent deaths. Results: Twenty participants indicated that they would change their choice of code status after reading the manual. Twelve thought that the change would be from “full code” to “do not resuscitate.” Change of code choice was associated with having participated in Spanish. Conclusion: After reading a study manual focused on end of life issues, twenty percent of participants indicated that they would change their code status choice in a hypothetical advanced-disease scenario. The manual may represent a useful complementary tool to educate patients about end-of-life options and to support their choice regarding code status.