Journal international des progrès technologiques

Journal international des progrès technologiques
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ISSN: 0976-4860


Improving Iris Recognition Accuracy by Score Based Fusion Method

Ujwalla Gawande,Mukesh Zaveri, Avichal Kapur

Iris recognition technology, used to identify individuals by photographing the iris of their eye, has become popular in security applications because of its ease of use, accuracy, and safety in controlling access to high-security areas. Fusion of multiple algorithms for biometric verification performance improvement has received considerable attention. The proposed method combines the zero-crossing 1 D wavelet Euler No., and genetic algorithm based for feature extraction. The output from these three algorithms is normalized and their score are fused to decide whether the user is genuine or imposter. This new strategies is discussed in this paper, in order to compute a multimodal combined score.