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ISSN: 2165-8048


Hypothyroidism Associated with Echocardiographic Abnormalities

Faiza A Qari

Objective: To evaluate the relationship between hypothyroidism and pericardial effusion, dilate cardiomyopathy and the LV ejection fraction (EF) through an echocardiographic scan.

Design: Retrospective study.

Settings: Single tertiary center, King Abdulaziz University Hospital, from January 2015 to January 2017.

Patients: 314 patients followed up for hypothyroidism.

Intervention: None.

Main outcome measures: Echocardiographic abnormalities.

Results: The average age of the subjected group was 57 which is significantly older than control group (P value=0.0001). In addition, the subjected group were treated with higher doses of amaidiorone than the control group which was quite a drastic difference (p value=0.037).

Similarly, such a drastic difference between both groups due to the low p value at <0.0001 - was also identified by how the ejection fraction (EF) of the subjected group was statically much lower than in the control group. The p values calculated in both cases were determined using the simple regression model.

It was also found that there was a negative to weak relationship as explained by the B coefficient (Regression Coefficient) amongst the cases/controls and the laboratory parameters. However, there was a significant correlation between EF and the FT3 level (r=0.818; p value=0.045).

Conclusion: The study showed the clear association of hypothyroidism with echocrsdiographic abnormalitis; lik cardiomyopathy and pericardial effusion. It was also deduced that patients suffering from severe hypothyroidism as well as cardiomyopathy had quite low levels of EF.