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HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative Women in Rural Eastern Cape Province, South Africa: Characteristics of Bacterial Vaginosis

Tajuddin Hamid Khan

The spread and acquisition of the HIV infection are linked to Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), which affects a large portion of the African population. In the rural Eastern Cape province of South Africa, the aim of this study was to ascertain the prevalence and features of BV among HIV-infected and -uninfected women. Women who had symptoms and signs of vaginal infection and were visiting Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital and Ngangelizwe Community Health Center were the subjects of a descriptive cross-sectional study (n=100). After collecting high vaginal swabs, BV was identified using Nugent's score. Regardless of HIV status, the prevalence rate of BV was 70%. 49 (80.3%) of the 61 HIV-positive patients were BV positive, compared to 12 (19.7%) who were BV negative. of the 39 HIV-uninfected women, 21 (53.8%) and 18 (46.2%) were BV positive and BV negative, respectively (OR=3.5; CI: 1.4–8.5;).