Journal des effets et du contrôle de la pollution

Journal des effets et du contrôle de la pollution
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Growth Responses of Celosia argentea L. in Soils Polluted with Microplastics

Beckley Ikhajiagbe1*, Gloria Omorowa Omoregie2, Susan Ojonugwa Adama1, Kingsley Ume Esheya*

This research was carried out to study the various toxic effects of microplastics on commercial leafy vegetable Celosia argentea L. plastics used in thisexperiment were obtained from heterogeneous sources from around different dumpsites in the university of Benin unbowed campus. The plastics collected were grinded into three different bits and sizes, filtered and applied to the different plastic pots in the measurement of 5 g, 10 g and 20 g respectively. The seeds of Celosia argentea L. was sown in the microplastic polluted soils and also thecontrol morphological characteristics were also observed and recorded and they include plant height, stem girth, leaf area amongst others. The plants were harvested after 52 days of observation and taken to the laboratory for heavy metal analysis. Results showed evidence of stunted growth, and chlorosis as compared to the control. Significant heavy metal accumulation was also recorded in the leaves and they include nickel, lead and cadmium.