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Thérapie et greffe de cheveux
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Follicular Unit Extraction on Predominantly African Hair: Our Experience

Nangole Wanjala*, Keith Dindi, Muli Musyoka

Background: Follicular unit extraction technique has revolutionized hair transplant globally. Its use amongst African patients has not been well established. We share our experiences with this technique on predominantly African patients.

Materials and methods: This was a prospective audit of patients managed by follicular unit extraction transplant at the Nairobi hairhub trichology centre, Kenya between January 2013 and December 2019. Patients who underwent hair transplant were followed up for a minimum of two years. Patient’s bio data, outcomes and complications were noted during the follow up period.

Results: A total of 935 patients were operated on during the six year study period. Patients of African descent were 899 followed by 26 Asians and 10 Caucasians. The male to female ratio was 1:4. The age range for the patients was 12 to 61 years with a mean age of 38.4 years. The most common indication was traction alopecia followed by female baldness alopecia. The average hair transplant per patient was 1150. More than 90 percent of patients were satisfied with the outcome at two years of follow up. The most common complication was hypertrophic scar which occurred in about 0.5 percent of the patients.

Conclusion: Follicular unit extraction transplant surgery technique as experienced in this study has good surgical outcomes with minimal complications in patients with the African hair. Proper selection of patients followed by meticulous surgery technique is paramount to good outcomes.