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Journal d'ergonomie
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Evaluation of Ergonomics Deficiencies in Nigerian Computer Workstations

Momodu Bayo AI, Edosomwan Joseph HE and Edosomwan Taiwo O

The prevalence of Computer Workstations (CW) strain in developing countries such as Nigeria is becoming worrisome. This study is aimed at identifying ergonomic compliance in Nigeria computer workstations. To do this, structured questionnaires were employed to assess the health risk factors and checklist with oral interview was also used to measure physical dimensions of the CW under investigation. The major ergonomic deficiencies are includes: CW poor furniture, lighting and temperature control. The study reveals that 72%, 66%, 47%, 46% and 35% shown relative errors in terms of Chair height, chair back/arm rest, temperature, desk height and lighting respectively. The study also revealed that most of the Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorder (WRMD’s) complained injuries are: eye strain, shoulder pain, arm pain and back pain. Suggestions to reduce or eliminate these deficiencies were offered.