Techniques avancées en biologie et médecine

Techniques avancées en biologie et médecine
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ISSN: 2379-1764


Evaluation of Alpha Particles Concentration and Exhalation Rate in Soil Samples in Kifle City/Iraq

Entesser F Salman

Radon concentration was measured by sealing-can technique based on the CR-39 detectors at different locations in Kifl. The disclosure to radon progeny (EP) have been studied. The results show that the radon concentration 2o5 to Bq/m3. The exhalation rates and the radiation exposure from samples of soil collected from different sites at Kifl city. The total average values of radon concentrations in topsoil (ocm depth) were 26oBqm-3. The dissolved in soft tissues (Ds) and the dose rate due to alpha in lung (Dl) were calculated. The results concentration of radon in this work good agreement with radon concentration levels recommended by the (ICRP)" International Commission on Radiological Protection