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Epdimiology and Complications of Total Thyroidctomy in Aseer Central Hospital

Abdulaziz Qobty, Saad Alqarni, Shahad Alnami, Reem Traad, Razan Shaker, Shahad Almutiri, Muneera Alhayan, Njood Alnahdi and Nadia Alhariri

Background: Total Thyroidectomy is common procedure among patients with thyroid disorders including malignancies, thyrotoxicosis, multi-nodular goiter and chronic thyroiditis. There are many complications that recorded after this procedure which is more related to surgeon experience and nature of disorder. Among these disorders, hematoma, recurrent laryngeal nerve injury and hypocalcaemia are the most frequent. Modern thyroidectomy is focused on the mortality of surgery by preventing damage to adjacent structures, such as parathyroid glands and recurrent laryngeal nerve.

Aim of the study: To assess the clinical presentation and post-operative complications among total thyroidectomy cases in Aseer Central Hospital [ACH].

Methodology: A retrospective record based descriptive approach was used through reviewing medical records of all cases that underwent total thyroidectomy for different indications in Aseer Central Hospital [ACH] during the period from 2000 to 2019. Data extracted throng pre-structured questionnaire including patient's bio-clinical data, preoperative symptoms and complications of the procedure.

Results: The study included 150 cases. One hundred and thirteen cases [75.3%] aged above 40 years. The main compliant recorded for the cases was neck swelling which was recorded among 56% of the cases followed with dysphagia. About 91% of the cases recorded post-operative complications. Scar was the most recorded complication followed with hypocalcaemia.

Conclusion and recommendations: In conclusion, the study revealed that neck swelling was the most recorded clinical finding with dysphagia. Majority of cases recorded post-operative complications mainly scar and hypocalcaemia.