Journal des médicaments en développement

Journal des médicaments en développement
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ISSN: 2329-6631


Enhanced Bioavailability via Extended Gastric Retention

Yogesh Joshi, David Mastropietro and Hossein Omidian

The ability to prolong gastric residence times with the use of gastric retentive systems is particularly useful for drugs that act locally in the stomach and for those having site-specific absorptions in the upper intestine. Drugs entrapped into these dosage forms also display pharmacokinetic parameters that favor greater safety and efficacy. Many gastric retentive platforms have been studied and some have successfully been utilized in marketed drug products. There are typically three approaches that these platforms take to reside in the stomach longer. They alter the size, density, or adhesion of the delivery system in the gastric environment which leads to changes in drug liberation and absorption. This has a direct effect on the therapeutic effectiveness of the drug they are carrying. The development of these dosage forms is not however without its challenges and further research in this area is needed that shows true gastric retention has occurred. The purpose of this paper is to briefly describe gastric retention approaches and to highlight the enhanced bioavailability, safety, and other benefits of these formulations.