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Journal de yoga et de physiothérapie
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Effects of Cognitive Therapeutic Exercise Combined with Neuromuscular Training on Balance and Walking Function after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Yubao Ma1, Jianhao Zhu2, Chenxi Wang3, Lanqi Jin2, Zhijiao Fan4, Yiwei Wang1, Dejun Song1, Lihua Zhang1*

Aim: To explore the effects of cognitive therapeutic exercise combined with Neuromuscular Training (NMT) on the balance and walking function of patients after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and to provide a theoretical basis and practical reference for rehabilitation exercise after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Methods: A total of 58 patients 6-8 weeks after anterior cross reconstruction were randomly divided into an experimental group (cognitive therapeutic exercise combined with NMT) and a control group (NMT) for 8 weeks. Standing balance and walking function were tested before and after the intervention. Results: In the standing balance test, the total length of the elliptic X axis, elliptic Y axis, and COP track were decreased in both experimental and control groups before and after the intervention, with significant differences compared with baseline (P<0.01). Conclusion: Both cognitive therapeutic exercises combined with NMT and NMT alone can improve the balance and walking function of patients, and mental therapeutic exercise combined with NMT is superior to NMT alone in improving the balance and walking function of patients. Keywords: Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction; Neuromuscular training; Cognitive therapeutic exercise; Balance