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Journal international des progrès technologiques
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Effect of Squeeze Cast Process Parameters on Fluidity of Aluminium LM6 Alloy

Vignesh R*, Sanjay Gandhi M, Vignesh A and Rajarajan P

In squeeze casting process, the liquid molten metal charge is compressed under a pressure inside the mould cavity. The applied squeeze pressure should be optimum because the cooling rate of molten metal increases with the increase in applied pressure there by fluidity property decreases. In the present work investigation about the effect of Squeeze pressure on the Aluminium LM6 fluidity property. Fluidity refers to the property of a metal; the most prevalent fluidity tests is the spiral-shaped mould test, Aluminium LM6 alloy in the molten state is applied into the spiral die cavity by the squeeze pressure. The distance covered by molten metal in spiral channel after the application of pressure is the measure for fluidity. The fluidity keeps increasing up to a particular pressure and drops suddenly. At a pouring temperature of 750°C the maximum fluidity of LM6 alloy during squeeze casting was obtained under the applied pressure of 30 MPa and the fluidity of LM6 alloy during squeeze casting increases with increase in pouring molten metal temperature.