Journal des effets et du contrôle de la pollution

Journal des effets et du contrôle de la pollution
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ISSN: 2375-4397


Effect of Dietary Selenium on Chosen Physiological and Biochemical Parameters in Labeo rohita (Hamilton, 1822) Reared in Copper Contaminated Water

Ibrahim SM, Theivandran G and Thamilmaraiselvi B

Copper occurs naturally in the aquatic environment as a result of weathering of soils and rocks and land drainage. Copper is a micronutrient at low level and highly toxic to fish at high concentrations above 0.4 ppm can kill some species of fishes in few hours. The reduction of toxic elements in aquatic system by some acceptable methods is needed urgently. The present work was designed to study the effect of selenium on the reduction of copper toxicity in tissues and improvement of growth haematology and proximate composition in the freshwater fish, Labeo rohita.