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Effect of culture conditions on radial growth, submerged biomass and moisture content of Lentinus tuberregium, a new edible mushroom

Snita Dash

The growth performance of mushroom culture Lentinus tuberregium was studied using both cultural and environmental factors. Development of cellular biomass was analysed in 10 different media along with effect of inoculum size, incubation period, pH and temperature. Different media showed different growth characteristics with more or less impact to the mycelium development. Among the 10 different media used, Yeast malt extract medium (YME) was found to be the best medium, however malt extract broth, glucose yeast extract peptone and potato dextrose broth media was also found to be good towards cellular biomass production. No supportive effect of inoculum size was observed on cellular growth development. Among various pH and temperature range, 6.0 and 25 ºC impact best condition for the growth of mushroom culture.